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February 32, 2318

I made a mistake once... I thought that I was wrong about something... but I was mistaken!
People who think they know it all are especially annoying to those of us who do!
"I sure am glad I ain't as dumb as some people think I am!" -Willie Calvin Eason Jr., Fayetteville, GA 1962

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"
- Einstein

Atfificial intelligence
is no substitute for
natural stupidity!

"I'm not going to help you make an idiot of yourself."

"I don't need your help, I can do it all by myself!"

-The Honeymooners

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Terminal Stupidity Support Group

     If you suffer from Terminal Stupidity (or even if you enjoy it) this is the place for you.

Our Mascot...
...a "gnat with a lobotomy," came from an episode of Moonlighting, when Bruce Willis' character said :You could'a fooled me," and Sibyl Shepard's character fired back, "A gnat with a lobotomy could fool you."
     (Seriously folks, I've been fooled by a field mouse. I trapped him, took him out back, and shook him out of the trap. He turned, looked at me... looked at the open door behind me... and ran back into the house!)
     Here you will find like minded (or absent minded) people who would love to help you... if only we knew how.

     But don't fear... we won't let a little problem like that stop us! We'll do what we can, and... if nothing else... you'll be surrounded by even more stupidity to share the load.

     This sight is dedicated to those persistent souls who try their best to prove that they are even stupider than we are. We pay tribute to them in the various sections of this web site.

     Please feel free to nominate your own personal favorites. Send them to us, and we'll add them to the site.

     Also feel free to give our Pre-Approved Membership Applications to all who deserve them. If you are in doubt about whether they qualify, we have a Qualifying Exam you can give them. Truthfully though, we haven't found anybody yet who doesn't qualify.

     Remember, Terminal Stupidity has standards... and if you ever exceed them, your membership will be revoked! We don't accept people who show any hint of intelligence (IMMEDIATE rejection/revocation).

     But beware: If you are too stupid, we might reject you... we don't want our position of leadership in this support group to be challenged. That means: Professional politicians need not apply!

     You can proudly show your true nature to everybody with your very own Stupid Merchandise.

     Before we frighten you, let us hasten to add that it is the stupidity that is terminal... in fact, we have found an ingenious way to bring it to an end, so that you can act in a way that appears intelligent to those who don't know your secret. Don't worry... we won't tell! Check out Stop the Stupidity.

Meet the Founders of
"We have proven time and again that we deserve to be the founders and leaders of
"And if necessary, we will continue to prove it over and over and over and...."
That's Bill on the left, Ed up above

To give credit where credit is due, long before we organized the Terminal Stupidity Support Group, Goldie Hawn had the DDA: Dumb Dumb's of America. Enjoy.
And the Gateway Trio (successor to the fabulous Gateway Singers folk group) recorded our Theme Song: Foolish Questions

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